In most homes you will not require planning permission provided that your Townsend Tradition Oak Building falls within the following criteria:

• Is situated behind the main building line.

• Is sited 5 meters or more from the main dwelling.

  1. Is part of the 70 cubic meter allowance for extensions if sited within the 5 meter curtilage.

  2. Is at least 1 meter from a neighbours boundary if greater than 15 square meters internally.

• Is incidental to the enjoyment of the main dwelling.

• Is outside the curtilage of a conservation area or listed building.

For clients wishing to undertake their own dealings with the Local Authority, our service includes providing 8 sets of plans and elevations for use in a Planning Application (our copyright reserved). Alternatively, Townsend Tradition offers to survey the site, produce plans to reflect your requirements and either obtain confirmation from the Local Authority that permission is not required, or apply for Planning Permission on your behalf.

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