Designers at Townsend Tradition have drawn upon the

past to create buildings with timeless appeal. We are

dedicated to providing the building which exactly meets your requirements and expectations.

Flexibility is the key word with buildings designed in what are traditionally called 'bays', each of which can have a different function, the number of which can be suited to the site available. Buildings may have 'aisles' like lean-to's  which may be open sided or enclosed, or with a veranda along the front. Windows may be conventional or 'mullioned' with oak struts for a truly period look.

Choice of assembly

We can assemble the building on your pre-constructed base wall, or we can supply the components, fully prepared for self-assembly.

If you choose for us to assemble the building for you, much of the construction work will be have already been completed in our workshop, ensuring minimum disruption to your home environment when our team of craftsmen arrive on-site.

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